Specialized workshops for pre-teens, teens and women. Workshops cover awareness, trouble iindicators, dealing with bullies/predators, safety concerns, escape options and physical self-defense in an age and gender appropriate manner. Call for information on upcoming workshops.

For College Students

This workshop is specifically designed for college students (Moms are welcome). Workshops cover crime statistics at college, college safety tips, sexual assualt information, mental awareness, how to avoid trouble, a focus on being committed to protect yourself, and physical self-defense. A single theme is used to provide a simple and effective way to protect yourself. 70% of sexual assaults fail because the victim fought back!

Call or e-mail to schedule this workshop.

Make it a girls-night-out and learn self-defense!

From a workshop attendee:

"I just wanted to let you and your helpers know that I was able to put some of the lessons you taught us into practice last week. My situation didn't escalate to becoming physical, but because of your class I wasn't afraid to be vocal and let the attacker know that I wasn't going to give them anything without a very loud fight. Once I stood my ground, yelled at the attacker to leave me alone and to go away he turned around and hustled off.

So thank you for teaching me to be aware and prepared in situations. Because of this class I didn't clam up like I usually did went faced with a confrontation."